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Any plans for a VR version? :)


I have no VR equipment.  Otherwise, I might consider it.  


I now have VR stuff and am learning how to make stuff for it.  I will port monad to VR, but it will be quite a different experience :)

Wow, amazing to hear! Goodluck!!!

So how's that going?


Slowly but surely.  A lot's happened this past year.

Thanks for the game glenn it helps alot to not be bored and good luck out there  C:

I feel that the algorithm is not too complicated, yet visual quality is excellent!


I'm so fascinated with this game! So simple in concept, beautifully executed. When I touch and create the circles, the sounds make them feel as if they were three-dimensional things I placed down. It felt like I was surrounded yet fully aware that these were just growing black and white circles. I'm happy I downloaded it.


Thank you for the kind words and thank you so much for playing!  It makes me really happy to know when people have a meaningful experience with something I make.