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This game is intensely personal. It was cathardic to make, it was as if my brain forced me to make it (having lost a full night of sleep working on it), and it relates directly to a set of very specific aspects of my life. It is nothing short of a diary entry.

Which is why you probably won't enjoy the game, unless you're into 'art' games. It uses game mechanics and rules to tell a story. Don't look for the story in words or cut-scenes, instead, examine the actions you do and the rules of the environment around you. Though the game is my diary entry, it is certainly open to interpretation.

There are 3 endings.

Published Mar 25, 2017
AuthorShiny Ogre Games
Tagsdiary, love, personal

Install instructions

Download and run, no need to install.


Diary-Entry.exe 5 MB

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