This game is a submission for Ludum Dare 40View submission

A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

An abstract white noise toy.  Pay attention to the relationships between the squares in order to reduce the noise.

Click + Drag the squares.
Press SPACE to start anew.
Listen, look, relax.

Thank you.

Install instructions

For Windows: unzip the archive and launch “crosstalk-win.exe”.

For macOS: unzip the archive, then right-click on "", then Shift+click on "run", and accept that it is from an "unknown publisher".

For Linux: unizip the archive and run the "crosstalk-linux" executable.

Alternatively, you can install LÖVE and launch the .love file on any platform.


Download 1 MB
Download 4 MB
Download 6 MB
Download 11 MB

Development log